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Law Firm assist its clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices, including commerce, finance and industry. Law Firm's highly trained & experienced attorney endeavor to prevent disputes by ensuring proper documentation and by tactfully handling the case/ dispute etc. However, in cases where disputes cannot be prevented, Law Firm takes utmost care in preparation of its clients' case and ensures that the client gets the best advice and support in resolving their disputes. Law Firm strive to achieve the best commercial results for its clients.  The law firm's attorney are highly experience and has dealt with hundreds arbitration & conciliation in India.  The law firm's attorney endeavor to achieve the objective at minimum cost and without damaging the image of its client. Law firm's attorney is being appointed frequently to act as independent arbitrator by India's court.

The areas of expertise are:

- Negotiation

- Conciliation

- Preparing and presenting the case before arbitrator

- Domestic and International Arbitration

- Enforcement of Awards 



Practice area

Legal Outsourcing

Company formation

Corporate law

Regulatory compliance

Debt collection

Real estate

Legal risk analysis

Intellectual Property right

Labour employment

Banking & Finance


Legal due diligence

White collar crime

Administrative law

Family law


Transactional documentation

Business process outsourcing



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