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Trustman is the only debt collection attorney network in India and its attorney has presence in all major city of India. It is an alliance of independent solo practicing attorney and law firm with global coverage specializing in the recovery of past due receivables (unpaid invoices)/ debt collection. 

It is one of the largest Commercial Debt Collection network in India, having specialization in debt collection in the normal course or through legal means both within India or abroad. Our debt collectionís attorney are located in all part of India.  Law firmís attorney is so well trained that they have thorough understanding of fundamentals of Commercial and Corporate Laws and Practices as well as practical aspect of credit operations/ debt collection.  We provide National & International, Commercial and Consumer Debt Recovery/ Collection Services where the first efforts are towards amicable debt collection and courts collection is proposed to the creditor if amicable efforts for debt collection don't succeed and debtor's solvency is assessed as sufficient (5% of the claims).

Law firmís debt collection operations are so organized that majority of transaction is closed with in a maximum period of 90 days without resorting to litigation, if the concerned debtor is still in business. For cases requiring litigation too, our approach is to ensure a fool proof case by adopting a proactive strategy in all areas of skip tracing, asset tracing, and effective follow up of litigation, for a quick and favorable decision.

It is a well established and recognized dictum that faster the action, greater the chances of debt recovery. So do not wait for your asset/ debt to become difficult of recovery and entrust your debt collection to us at the earliest. We shall be ever eager to put our experience at your disposal for quick & efficient debt collection.

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