ACT NO. 4 OF 1874

  [24th February, 1874.]

   An Act  to control  recruiting in 1*[India] for the service of Foreign  States.


       WHEREAS it  is  expedient  that  the  Central  Government  should  exercise full  control over recruiting in 1*[India] for the service of Foreign States; It is hereby enacted as follows:--

  1. Short title.- This Act may  be called  the Foreign Recruiting Act, 1874.

  Local extent.

       It extends to the whole of India 2***.

       3*       *        *          *            *

  2. "Foreign State" defined. .- In this Act "Foreign State"  includes any  person or  persons  exercising  or assuming to  exercise the powers of Government in or over any country, colony, province or people beyond the limits of 4*[India].

  3. Power to prohibit or permit recruiting. - If  any person  is, within the  limits of  1*[India], obtaining  or attempting  to  obtain  recruits for  the service  of any  Foreign State  in any capacity, the Central Government  may, by  order in writing 5***, either prohibit such person from so doing, or permit him to do so subject to any conditions which the Central Government thinks fit to impose.

  4. Power to impose conditions..- The Central Government may from  time to  time, by  general order  notified in  the  Official  Gazette, either prohibit  recruiting for  the service  of any Foreign State, or  impose upon such recruiting any conditions which it thinks fit.

  5.  Power to rescind or vary orders. -    The Central Government may  rescind or  vary any  order made  under this  Act in such manner as it  thinks fit.


 1.   Subs. by  Act 3  of 1951,  s. 3  and Sch., for "Part A States and  Part C States."

 2.   The words "except Part B States" omitted by s. 3 and Sch., ibid.

 3.   The commencement cl. rep. by Act 12 of 1876, s. 1 and Sch.

 4.   Subs. by the A. O. 1950 for "the Provinces".

 5.   The words  "signed by a Secretary to the G. of I." omitted by the  A. O. 1937.

  6.  Offences. - Whoever, in  violation of  the prohibition  of  the Central Government, or of any condition subject to which permission to recruit may have been accorded,--

            (a) induces  or attempts  to induce  any person to accept or agree to  accept or to proceed to any place with a view  to  obtaining  any  commission  or  employment  in  the service of any Foreign State, or

            (b) knowingly  aids in  the  engagement  of  any  person  so induced, by forwarding or conveying him or by advancing money or in any other way whatever, shall be  liable to  imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years, or to fine to such amount as the Court thinks fit, or to both.

       7. Place  of trial.- Any offence against this Act may be inquired into and  tried, as  well in  any district in which the person accused may be  found, as  in any  district in which it might be enquired into and tried under the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure. 1*


 1.   See now the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (5 of 1898).

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