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Trustman law firm provides a unique service to its clients that may reduce the risk of doing business and help its clients to form a sound business plan.  Law firm analyze the present law of land together with the likely future legislation that is being discussed by the law making body.  Law firm also always looking for new proposed amendment in the present law including the public opinion about these changes.

It is not always risk free to set up a business or entering into agreement with third party in foreign land.  Law Firm's attorney makes thorough study / analysis of the transactions / circumstances to help its clients to assess the risk and advise its clients to take appropriate steps to reduce the same.

Law firm makes thorough study of the existing law and proposed law to see how it affects its clients in respect of their existing business and future business plan.  Law firm makes it sure that its clients are aware of the same and be ready with to comply with the law so that their business are not disrupted and continue to grow.  

This analysis helps the law firmís clients to keep far ahead them of their competitors.

This study helped many of its clients hence contact us immediately to avail this unique service in India.


Practice area

Legal Outsourcing

Company formation

Corporate law

Regulatory compliance

Debt collection

Real estate

Legal risk analysis

Intellectual Property right

Labour employment

Banking & Finance


Legal due diligence

White collar crime

Administrative law

Family law


Transactional documentation

Business process outsourcing



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